Clickfunnels Vs Builderall Why I Switched in 2021?

What is Clickfunnels & Builderall Platforms?

Both of them is a marketing platform that provides marketing services online, such as landing page builder, email marketing, chatbot, magazine builder, … and much more.

There are many differences between both of them regarding the number of services they provide, but generally, all services are under the marketing services umbrella.

Clickfunnels had been founded in 2014, while Builderall is older than 2008, BUT, Clickfunnels has dominated the market for years till Builderall developed their system from the founder Eric Salgado 0n 2016 and continues enhancing and adding more and more services upon online marketing requirements.

Let’s dive directly into a practical review from real experience that I go throw when I started using Clickfunnels for months, till I decided to try something else to be sure that the subscription fee paid for Clickfunnels worth it or not.

So, Builderall was jumped when I searched for alternatives, and I started using both at the same time to practically compare.

  1. Services Provided

*Clickfunnels: the main services provided

Clickfunnels logo
  • landing page builder (mobile / tab friendly)
  • email marketing
  • webinar service
  • Checkout system with all international payment gates.

*Builderall: the main services provided

  • Website & Landing page builder (mobile / tab friendly)
  • Graphic Funnel Builder
  • Video hosting tool
  • Membership websites and e-learning system
  • Unlimited Email Marketing
  • CRM and automation system
  • Chatbot and Site-Bot
  • Booking Calendar
  • Super checkout system with all of payment gateway integrations
  • Run your own affiliate program
  • Ecommerce Checkout
  • Magazine builder
  • Mockup and image editor
  • Video Wrapper
  • Browser Notifications
  • Blog Builder
  • Chat Builder

** SO, comparing services provided are completely going to let Builderall significantly WIN.

2. Smoothness Dashboard

This item from real comparison, both of them are great, easy to understand, and use. So it can be considered equal.

3. Customer Support

clickfunnels customer support is good in general and years ago it was much better than Builderall. BUT, from 2020 Builderall has set up a revolution customer support that provided in more than 7 languages with 24 hrs. chat available.

4. PRICES and What’s Included

**Clickfunnels has 2 packages 99$ and 279$

**Builderall has 2 packages 29$, 69$ and 99$

I will tell a small story from a real experiment;

“I joined click funnels under 99$ and I built my first landing page and when I tried to connect it with email marketing services to build email campaign, surprised CF push me to upgrade to 279$ to access email marketing services or another option to use email marketing with another third-party platform such Getresponse / Mailchimp / others, this situation blows my mind, How I should pay 99$ and don’t get basic service (Email marketing)”.

Although Builderall has 3 reasonable plans, Builderall 29$ plan covers all entrepreneur needs to run online business and marketing till 5000 subscribers.

5. Affiliate System

Both have a good affiliate system because they pay recurring commissions for any subscription customer.

  • Clickfunnels gives 40% in recurring commission.
  • Builderall gives commission in 3 stages; 100% from first month subscribe + 30% 1st tier recurring commission + 30% 2nd tier recurring commission.

Definitely, the Builderlall affiliate system is better and easier to promote because of its reasonable prices.

Moreover, both need to be a paid users to can affiliate them.


From a practical personal point of view, and from an honest real comparison, Builderall is way better as it also in continuous enhancement.


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