What Is The Goal of Dive in The Affiliate Field?

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Is it to achieve some commissions among different types of products or build affiliate business on a solid foundation

Some affiliates promote dozens, even hundreds of different products all to the same niche…

And, it doesn’t work too well!

Sure now they can say they have ‘multiple streams of income’ and feel better about themselves…

But, that doesn’t get you to your goal faster, which is to build an affiliate business not get a couple of hundred dollars a month.

No thanks!

This is why throughout the past 3 years as a full-time affiliate, I’ve mainly promoted just 1 CORE product throughout my career.

The result?

I know who became the #1 affiliate of one single product and have been paid out over $300,000 in commissions from sellers.


So many times in the past everything is going smoothly…

Enjoying my day…

Then BAM. “Your Facebook ad account has been disabled”

All of a sudden I have zero income coming in because I was promoting one-off products on Clickbank…, But now, it wouldn’t be a problem because 80% of my income comes from recurring commissions that come in every month.

I could not work for the next 3 months & still make the same amount because I already have hundreds of customers paying Builderall monthly under me…

So, when it comes to choosing your product make sure you can keep making money from the customers rather than just making a sale once and they are gone forever…


  • Life Time Product

Did you know people see 5,000 ads per day on average?

This means people are constantly being pitched offers left & right.

What does this mean for you?

People are more skeptical than ever…

This means you need the most amount of LEVERAGE you can possibly get.

The easiest way to do that is by promoting a solid company with an irresistible product.

  • High-Quality Product

In other words, something so good they just can’t pass it up!

This is especially important for affiliate marketers because of all the low-value products being sold on popular networks like Clickbank, JV ZOO, & Warrior Plus.

Most of those products won’t even be around for 2 years…

  • Reasonable Price Product

This is another reason why I went all-in with the Builderall affiliate program.

For example, Builderall is the most complete digital marketing platform that exists today. Starting at just $29.90 per month, not only is the product one of the best available, but the price is irresistible.

Which makes it that much easier to promote.

Above all else, no matter what you want to promote…

Just make sure it’s a solid product in an everlasting niche that you believe will be around in the next 5–10 years.

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