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Hazem Digital Marketing
The Money in the List


Once, an important study was done that showed it takes an average of 7 times for people to see something before they even consider taking an action…

Kinda like how when you’re a kid, you WOULDN’T just ask your mom for a cookie once, you would keep asking…

Can I have a cookie? Please?

Just 1?

I’ll stop bugging you? I’ll take out the trash? You can have one after dinner if you’re good.

Same thing here but with affiliate marketing……you need to constantly show them that your product can help them with their problem.

That the product is the…

In order to start collecting leads, you need an automated process to allow you to do that.

This is where your funnel comes into place… And the opt-in page is how they enter your funnel.

Let’s go over the basics:

You never just give your email to someone for the fun of it, right? This is why you must give away a ‘lead magnet’ Something you give away for free in exchange for their name and email. Whether it’s a webinar, free checklist, pdf, ebook, video series, course, etc.

A free piece of value that your niche can’t afford to…


I know, cheesy saying…but it’s true! So many affiliates nowadays will just listen to anyone on the internet without making their own game plan for their niche…

And, the SLOWEST way to a full-time income online is by switching constantly switching your strategy & game plan.

As you know there are many different approaches you can take to make money with affiliate marketing…

So let me save you time and show you what has always worked best for me


Ever started promoting a new product and you wish you could just start making sales right away without building some sales…

Magazine builder is a tool used to build a pro magazine for business aspects whatever the business field is, it is one of the best ways for brand awareness for business services and products.

How Can Magazine Builder Help Business Owners?

*What is the most obstacle for any business owner? Mostly, if that business can provide good quality and reasonable price, the main problem after that will be marketing the product Right? Especially if the seller has many different products/services.

*One of the beautiful ways to promote business products/services is to build an eye-catchy magazine expressing everything about the business field in One place.

*Easy way to…

** If it’s your first visit to “Affiliate Start-Up Series”, go read it from the beginning of the rest articles.

Is it to achieve some commissions among different types of products or build affiliate business on a solid foundation

Some affiliates promote dozens, even hundreds of different products all to the same niche…

And, it doesn’t work too well!

Sure now they can say they have ‘multiple streams of income’ and feel better about themselves…

But, that doesn’t get you to your goal faster, which is to build an affiliate business not get a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Are you willing to start an affiliate business to be a future business not only just a side hustle, here will provide a full guide for HOW to start building a foundation for a solid affiliate business. this series of article will reveal the exact steps any affiliate business owner shall cover it to success.

This series will cover the following 7 steps, and to avoid boring edge, only one will be revealed at each article;

Step 1: The Perfect Niche

Step 2: The Perfect Product

Step 3: The Perfect Strategy

Step 4: The Perfect Funnel

Step 5: The Perfect…

What the best way to learn affiliate marketing to be as a business model and can become not just a side hustle, but turn it to be the main source of income.

Many Ways to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Internet is an open world, tons of free training is available on training platforms, or even on youtube. Or you may find someone like me on social media recommends one of those paid affiliate courses and mostly to get generate some commissions from it. is this article will be one of those and will recommend a specific training course?

Overthrow the last…

If you are in the marketing business either for your business or as an affiliate business, your business mostly depends on email marketing, which means that it would be bad news to know that most of your email marketing campaigns landing in spam folders.

So, it is important to know the reasons and tools to avoid spam screens.

Many points direct your email campaigns to the SPAM folder and Here are the most 8 to consider

1.Using Personal Email for Email Marketing Campaign

If you are using a personal email platform such (Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo,….)to send bulk emails or business campaigns, probably all your emails go with the wind to the spam folder.

The solution for this simple…

1. Affiliate Business

Every day, thousands of people around the world try to start affiliate businesses to generate side income or even main. not more than 10% could achieve some successful commission, and 25% of those transform this success to be their main income and now is called “Affiliate Business”.

in this article, we will put a light on how to choose a product to promote that may build an affiliate business.

2. Affiliate Product VS Affiliate Business

If you start searching around for a good product to start an affiliate business, you will find tons of platforms that show hundreds of products from small sellers with a good…

What is Clickfunnels & Builderall Platforms?

Both of them is a marketing platform that provides marketing services online, such as landing page builder, email marketing, chatbot, magazine builder, … and much more.

There are many differences between both of them regarding the number of services they provide, but generally, all services are under the marketing services umbrella.

Clickfunnels had been founded in 2014, while Builderall is older than 2008, BUT, Clickfunnels has dominated the market for years till Builderall developed their system from the founder Eric Salgado 0n 2016 and continues enhancing and adding more and more services upon online marketing requirements.

Let’s dive directly into…

Hazem Digital Marketing

Marketer, Affiliator and article writer

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